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AX2000 Report: Yasuhiro Nightow
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Yasuhiro Nightow is best known for his most recent work, Trigun, and his work on the Samurai Spirits manga.

Yasuhiro Nightow

Panel Report

Yasuhiro Nightow has been a manga artist for about five years, and is just now becoming popular in the US thanks to the US release of Trigun. Trigun, the TV series, had a limited broadcast run in 1998 yet proved to be quite popular. The original publisher of the Trigun manga closed shop, but another publisher picked up the title under a slightly different name, Trigun Maximum. Nightow stated that there is no difference in the story between the two titles, and the only reason for the change is because of the switch of publishing house. Trigun Maximum is currently running in Young King Hours.

As for the story of Trigun, he stated that the TV series drew from different parts of the manga and had a conclusion although the current story he is illustrating has not reached an ending yet. When asked as to whether or not Trigun could spawn a sequel, he said that it would be unlikely given the story brings itself to a natural close. However, he did not necessarily rule out an idea for a game, but this would have to be taken as musings rather than concrete plans. He is, however, a toy collector, and he showed the new Trigun figures that will be on sale later this year.

When asked if his characters ever surprise him by what they say, he said, "Millie. She surprises me every time she says something."

One question that was asked that everybody that is a fan of Trigun wants to know: What is the significance of Kuroneko-sama (Lord Black Cat), that appears at random moments in his work and at least once an episode in the TV series but seems to serve no purpose?

His answer, which he said in English: "Kuroneko-sama is a small black cat."

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Yasuhiro Nightow
Yasuhiro Nightow at the autograph signing session

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